12 Jul 2009

ChouChou, mobile phone decoration and a namecard case

Had a nice day at Yokohama this afternoon. It was nice to just relax lying on the grass by the water with just the big sky above you :)

I'd brought along my crochet-needle and a ball of wool, so instead of just relaxing, I knitted this!
A corsage?

Not quite, it's a... do you call it in English? I don't know. "Chou-Chou" like we Japanese call it? You know those cute thing for tying your hair. ;) It's simple but quite cute, no?
違いま~す。正解は、シュシュです。 :) シンプルだけど割とかわいいかな?

Next! is my phone with new decoration! A stretchy sticker with the hibiscus painting(from my brother's wedding board) printed on, stuck on the front. I was getting really bored of my phone, so I'm glad it turned out well.


One down point of this sticker is that it isnt water-resistant. And so a cover to protect it from accidental encounters with water was created too! :) (crochet)

Talking about cases, below is a namecard case I made a little while ago with single face corrugated board and fancy coloured masking tapes and a couple of bits and bobs.

Okay then, till next time, ciao!

xxx Maiko

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