21 Jul 2009

clay princess

Here is our clay princess. I got the inspiration from my sister-in-law in her wedding colour dress. Unfortunately I'm not very good at taking photos.. so I haven't managed to capture the beauty of this little princess very well :(

From certain angles she seems to be calmly smiling, but from another, she shows this melancholic expression. like Mona Lisa! hehe... Perhaps she is an emblem of a near-wedding bride who is excited but also anxious...?



It was a national holiday today (Marine day) so I decided to forget about work, and hanged around with Mum and it turned out to be a very fun day! :)


Nice lunch at a chinese restaurant we sometimes eat at, and then trying many clothes on at the Yohji Yamamoto store (now I am contemplating of buying a pair of black leather boots. Very nice, would suit my style well, and I'm sure I'd use it for a long time. But... It is rather... somewhat... possibly a little bit too expensive for a low-income me. I shall try it again in a few days time and think about it!)
Then we headed to Tsutaya store at Roppongi. This store is great. Not only is it massive, it also provides tables and chairs where you can read the books without buying them. It's like Borders. (with Starbucks.) Mum's always told me how good it was there, but I'd never bothered to check it out till today. I think I'll be frequenting from now on!

時々行く中華料理屋さんで薬膳焼きそば☆を食べ、Yohji Yamamotoでお母さんと一緒に色々試着させていただき(笑)(かわいい黒レザーのブーツがありました。買うべきか迷っているところですが、ちと、割 と、結構・・・お高い!また試してみて考えようと思います。靴ははき心地をうんと確かめないとね!)
それから母が良い!といつも言っていた六本木 のTsutayaに行きました。ここは大きいだけでなく、自由にくつろいでただ読みができるテーブルとイスも用意されているので今日初めて行きましたが、 これからは常連になりそうです。なんせ、家で一人で気持ちが沈むことが多いのでね。

Then we headed towards a pasta restaurant at Azabu-jyuban that Mum's been before and liked. It is called "Pasta House, AWKitchen". The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere. We got there after 10pm so I'm not sure if it's like that for the whole night through, but the light was dimmed, which added a stylish mood to the place. I was feeling buzzy after the coffee at the book store, so it made me feel a bit dizzy though. hahah..Thumbs up for the lively and friendly staffs too. Mum had Agliolio based vegetable(aubergine, broccoli, cone etc) pasta, and I had the same but with tomato sauce. Very delicious! You know sometimes the tomato sauce can be too rich and the veges, especially aubergines have sucked way too much oil and you get this heavy oily feeling later on? none of that. The pasta was nicely al dente too. :)
and they are open till 2am apparently!

そして麻布十番の"Pasta House, AWKitchen"というレストランに遅めの夕食に行きました。ここも母が前に行って気に入っていたところ。店員さんは皆元気でフレンドリーだし、店内は暗めになっていて良いムードでした。母はアリオリオソースの野菜パスタ、私はそれのトマトソースパスタを食べました。
時々、トマトのソースが濃すぎて、また野菜、特にナスとかが油を吸いすぎてて重ーくなってて、後でずっと胃がオイリー!な感じになっちゃう場合ってあるでしょう?そういうのが全くなかったです。パスタも丁度良いアルデンテ感でした! :)ちなみに2時までやってるらしいですよ。(LOは1時)

Till next time! ciao!


xxx Maiko

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