5 Dec 2009

icecream is such a smiley thing - literally.

Mum and I are into this brand of icecream sold at this supermarket we frequently use.
It's made of very few ingredients sans bad additives that are often added in icecream. And so it's absolutely delicious and makes us feel really happy and smiley when we eat them.
Yesterday it was literally smiley. Here are the proofs!

I opened the seal and bursted out laughing.

I wasn't sure where to start eating though... and I figured this was the only way!
Then it started to melt so as soon as I took the above photo, I said bye to the smiley and instead made my face a smiley one.

And then, mum opened one too and this is what she got!
What do you see?
We saw another cute smiley face, but we also saw a puppy. Do you see it? :)

xxx Maiko

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