28 Oct 2010

Sugar Hit Bacco -no good

Went for Sugar Hit at Bacco Cafe (QVB) tonight.

For those who don't know, Sugar Hit is one of the Crave Sydney Food Festival events that has been happening in different eateries all around Sydney for the month of October. Each restaurant/cafe involved in Sugar Hit offers their special assortments of cakes especially designed for this event accompanied by a glass of dessert wine for 20$pp.

It was sugary, yes, but it didn't hit the spot. Missed it completely, actually.

We were expecting "A chocolate tasting plate of berry chocolate fudge, gianduja macaroon, and glace apricot and milk chocolate ganache tart" because that is what they say they would serve on the official Crave Sydney website and that was what we saw on table who were there before us.

What did we get?

A dodgy strawberry tart, which all 5 of us agreed was NOT nice, a chocolate fudge OR chocolate brownie - three sets came with the brownie and two were with the fudge, and a Tiramisu-looking chocolate mousse cake. (none was impressive)

So two sets had ONE cake right, and the rest was all different.

Why was this such a displeasing surprise? Here are the reasons:

We got there at 9:30, which wasn't late considering that Sugar Hit starts at 9pm PLUS we booked in advance, so they knew we were coming. Yet, they did not save enough cakes for us nor did they bother to at least ask us beforehand if we would be happy to receive different cakes.
The tired-looking waitress just brought the sets and when we noticed that the cakes were different she merely mumbled "No we ran out", as if that was to be expected.

Let me repeat.
We booked in advance! The day before! We were there on time! Only midway through the Sugar Hit opening hours too. (They begin at 9pm and close the shop at 10pm.)

Also the dessert wine tasted awful.

All in all, that was a very expensive and unsatisfying 20 dollars/person spent.

Oh one more.

I mean, it's Sydney, and I know this isn't the place to seek superior customer service (I still love Sydney though), but when we asked the waitress what time the store closes (as she brought us the bill to urge us out), her response was "We closed already" (and then walks off).

...Okay lady, thanks, we already know from the way you have been serving us tonight that you much rather be somewhere else than here working at 10 in the evening. But while you are at it, do it properly. We asked for your general closing time so you give us the time. NOT whether it has closed tonight or not. It was only a little past 10 when we asked as well - it's not like we were there forever...!


Anyhow, it was nice to see my friends again. :) but foodwise, tonight was rather disastrous.. haha

xxx Maiko

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