8 Jan 2011

a bit more activities ahead!

Scored a short term part time job till I move to Sydney in March.
Yaay! A bit of income is always a smile factor. :) Plus it'll keep my days busy my mind distracted, which is great coz I often have too much time to myself and end up feeling sad and aimless and threatened by life itself.

Mum's back into baking cakes now and her latest project is roll cakes. (when it comes to food, she likes to repeat one thing until she gets bored of it) 
and Oh my, how delicous they are!!! she can easily be a professional patissier!
Mum's roll cake = Happiness.
So simple but so perfect, you know?
 I'm so lucky to have her as my mum. She is such a clever mum. 

We were going to have a family lunch at our favourite sushi place tomorrow, but Mum is not feeling well and apparently bro and sis-in-law aren't well either. So it might get cancelled. :s 

My painting is so-so.
Sometimes I feel confident enough to hold an exhibition this year as I have been thinking to since last year. 
Other times I feel I will never be good enough to create even one thing worth showcasing to the public and feel embarrassed that I call myself an artist.

Not sure, hey.

xxx Maiko

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