31 Mar 2011

this week

1&2 - lunch at an organic cafe at Paddington : salad an freshly squeezed juice :)

3 - my first time drinking young coconut : verdict? it was interesting, but i couldn't fall in love with the taste.

4 - a typical "fancy" australian meal at a cosy little restaurant on Oxford street (meat served with mashed potato and some veges and salad : nice but less salty would've been better) no photo of the food due to lack of lighting.

5 - a cute little angel i found at a 2dollar shop : he's giving me happiness definitely more than $2 worth. :*)

xxx Maiko

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24 Mar 2011

back in sydney!

1. bondi beach - i heart. 空が青い!砂が白い!正直暑すぎたけど。

2. laaaaaame! 。but hey, we are happy. :) はい、バカップル。

3. one more shot of bondi beach.

4. "really excited about getting an iphone4" face.

5. delicious dinner at Arun Thai restaurant (28 Macleay street, Potts Point). If you fancy some Thai food but also want to feel healthy, I recommend you try this place. We had; steamed green vegetable plate, Wagyu beef with greens, duck red curry with cherry tomato and brown rice.

xxx Maiko

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14 Mar 2011

stay positive, support and be prepared.

We are praying for the lost lives and for all people severely affected by this disaster.
I felt the first earthquake at a museum. It was the biggest I've ever felt in my life and we were all horror struck, but no major harm was done. Although still nervous, we were soon relaxed and casually saying things like "A tsunami's gonna hit along the coastline soon, apparently. That's scary..." knowing that we were safe from it.
Just as we talked about it with no real idea of what it meant, thousands of lives, houses ...everything... were swept away by the monstrous water....
Now more and more footage and stories from the survivors are revealed and death count continues to rise and more are injured and affected, it is nothing but painful.

What we, the more fortunate ones, can do is to
provide what we can for those in need (donation, conserving energy, spreading important and correct information)
pray and be positive, and
be prepared, be safe - a huge aftershock is still highly expected to happen. We have to avoid losing anymore lives....

Below is a link to a list of ways you could donate.
義援金・募金・寄付できるサイトまとめ】東日本大地震 - NAVER まとめ (Japanese) 

Love and prayers.
So that Japan recovers quickly and peace and ordinary days can be enjoyed again...

xxx Maiko

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5 Mar 2011

duck? monkey? hahaha

Spring is almost there - Yay! Hay fever season has arrived already -Nooo!
And so the streets are filled with people of all ages with half of their faces covered in massive masks.

When swine flu was a world wide fear two years ago(or a year ago?)Dad was required by the company to purchase masks. I bet no ordinary masks commonly available in Japan can beat this mask!( - Actually, I have very little confident on this statement. Japan's filled with crazy inventions and design!)

Anyhow, when flat, this mask resembles a coffee filter rather than a mask and when worn you can turn into a duck in an instant! How cool is that?? haha.
It's actually quite comfortable to wear - compared to a normal mask, there is more room to breathe and the vision is not at all blocked, except the elastic band is a bit too tight.
It'll be perfect when I do wood curving next time. :)

xxx Maiko

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4 Mar 2011

Early birthday celebration!

hehe thank you mama and grampa!!
(if you are wondering what it is - it's a strawberry eclair :)

xxx Maiko

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