5 Mar 2011

duck? monkey? hahaha

Spring is almost there - Yay! Hay fever season has arrived already -Nooo!
And so the streets are filled with people of all ages with half of their faces covered in massive masks.

When swine flu was a world wide fear two years ago(or a year ago?)Dad was required by the company to purchase masks. I bet no ordinary masks commonly available in Japan can beat this mask!( - Actually, I have very little confident on this statement. Japan's filled with crazy inventions and design!)

Anyhow, when flat, this mask resembles a coffee filter rather than a mask and when worn you can turn into a duck in an instant! How cool is that?? haha.
It's actually quite comfortable to wear - compared to a normal mask, there is more room to breathe and the vision is not at all blocked, except the elastic band is a bit too tight.
It'll be perfect when I do wood curving next time. :)

xxx Maiko

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