26 Jun 2011

Bondi Farmers Market

今日は朝早くからBondi Beachに行く予定があったので、
ついでに前々から気になっていた Bondi Farmers Market に行ってみた。

長い間ファッション系のマーケットだった Bondi Markets が今年の4月から




For two night owls, It was a major struggle to get up at 8am on a Saturday for a house inspection at a Bondi property. Unfortunately but somewhat as expected, the only great thing about this house was its prime location, being situated 5minutes from the beach and also Gould Street, which has an organic store/cafe and a good-looking bakery as well as several shops worth visiting.

So I got myself a sandwich made with freshly baked sourdough bread, and we headed down (walked a few steps) to the beach. Then I remembered that it was Bondi Farmers Market day!

April this year, the long-established fashion-focused Bondi Markets was cut down to one day on Sundays and Saturdays was replaced by this Farmers Market.

I've heard good things about this market, but it hadn't been easy for us to actually get there as this market closes at 1pm.
I was glad that we finally made it and to find out that it is indeed a good market!

Most of them were organic and I especially liked this one organic vegetable seller, who offered a nice variety for dark coloured vegetables - something you rarely see at shops (which is a sad reality.)
There was also an organic tea seller, selling about 30 different kinds of tea. The great thing about this shop was that instead of just selling packaged tea leaves, they also offered take away cups of your selected tea on the spot. That doesn't sound so special, but hear this: They use this specially made cup with a plunger, which lets you enjoy fresh loose leaf tea without a teapot.
This cup was a one-off paper/plastic cup, but I wonder why nobody has come up with a reusable one. It'd be great to be able to make a cup of tea on the go, which is fresher and of your preferred strength than a tea-bag tea.

Other shops include an organic bread shop, olive oil shop, red orange shop, organic poultry, smoked salmon, and lamb shop, Asian soup shop, apple shop, fresh pasta and pesto shop, etcetc.

Many of them offer samples you can try and there was a stall for light snacks (sandwiches) and sunny grassy areas to sit around and enjoy the sun (not that there is any lack of space when it's located right next to the beach with plenty other grassy areas...), so even if you didn't need any vegetables, you could still enjoy the visit. ;)

xxx Maiko

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