23 Sep 2012

breakfast, night life, home party

1. On Friday night, visited Ivy Bar, one of Sydney's biggest clubs/bars, situated in the city.
It used to have strict dress codes (collard shirts and proper shoes were must for men) and less welcoming towards Asian people ( ̄ー ̄), but not anymore, it seemed. There were many Asians including us and we got in despite being casually dressed.
Anyhow, it was a massive venue and packed! Apparently there is a swimming pool on the top floor as well... (-。-; The size may have impressed me, but not the disappointingly average music selection.

2. Saturday morning breakfast at Bondi Beach's Sonoma Cafe. Simple but tasty! good bread, sweet tomato, creamy avocado, and two perfectly boiled free range eggs, with just the right amount of salt and pepper. :)

3. Thursday dinner was at our married friends', who prepared for us this delicious dinner of steak, greens, and duck noodle soup! lurrved the noodle dish; great duck broth. (the photo was blurry, unfortunately...)
Aaand the highlight of the night was meeting their adorable 7mths-old baby-boy! :)

4. one thing I enjoyed about Ivy was their fancy cocktails; I very much liked this aloe vera cocktail with sweet froth. yumyum

xxx Maiko

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