17 Sep 2012

Japanese and Aussie

お昼は日本だと滅多に食べないラーメン→ 「一番星」の野菜ラーメン(ここのはお手頃価格&まともに美味しい。むしろ野菜たっぷり&もっちり麺で日本のラーメンより好き。)



でも夜は彼の仕事場を訪ねて(いかにも外国のデザインスタジオって雰囲気でしょ)、友達とパブで巨大grilled salmon with chutney and baked potato(美味しいけど濃い&量が半端ない)を食し、その後はシドニーで一番人気と言われているジェラート屋Messinaでデザート。ここもサイズ感が大きくて、「tiny(とっても小さい)」っていうサイズを頼むといわゆるレギュラーサイズ、という感じ。


The first half of my day was quite Japanese:
Vegetable Ramen lunch at Ichiban-boshi (I rarely eat ramen back in Japan, but when I'm here, Ichiban's ramen is one of my favourite comfort foods.)

Checked out Daiso (Japanese 100yen shop -- although it's turned into a 2.80dollar shop here), which opened earlier this year: they stock all the items that I used to have to search through various Korean and asian shops for, such as laundry nets and alminium stove top shields. yay! :)

Then the rest of the day was more Australian:
I visited the design studio bf works at -- inside a high-roofed warehouse space -- very non-Japanese!
Then, dinner was a massive grilled salmon fillet with chutney and baked potato at Shakespeare pub at surry hills, followed by gelato from Messina, Sydney's current favourite gelato shop. We got a "tiny" cup, which was far from being tiny, but more like a Japanese regular. (O_o;)

Everything, from the land to the food, is mega-sized in Australia...!

(including the ramen, served full in a 23.5cm bowl..)

the pretty mural design by Wil! (appropriation of Matisse's La Dance) ;)

crazy sized gelato heaven!

xxx Maiko

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