7 Oct 2012

セレブディナー Celeb Dinner

今夜はお友達とcatch up dinner@表参道。
トマト専門のCeleb de Tomatoにて。
トマトの甘み&うまみがばっちりで美味しかったです♪( ´▽`)
デザートはPARIYA cafeで。ここのジェラートは美味しいし、他ではなさそうな色んな味があるので面白いです。今日は「アボカド&ハニー」ってのがあった!試さなかったけど・・。

Tonight's dinner was at "Celeb de Tomato" at Omotesando. As suggested by the name, tomato is the feature in all the dishes served in this restaurant: 10 different tomato juices, entrees with tomato, tomato pasta, risotto... you get the idea.
We Very much enjoyed the meal and the tomato juice, though I must admit it was quite pricey: I should have guessed that though, because high quality tomatoes are usually the attractive, but unrealistic "celebs" at supermarkets!
In any case, the meal was delicious and our catch-up was fun, so I'm happy.

xxx Maiko

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