26 Sep 2012

Thredbo Snow Resort! No.1

Aaaand we were finally at the snow!!

I started off as a snow boarder, but soon realised I wasn't made for it, so I swapped to skiing -- it was the right choice to make; every time while the rest of us, who snowboarded, put on their boards after the lift, I had the time to take photos! :)

最初はスノボのつもりだったけど、横に向いて滑る原理の意味がわからない!のであっという間にスキーにチェンジ。 楽しく滑れたし、他のみんなはスノボだったので、リフト降りた時にスノボを装着しなきゃならず、その間私は写真をいっぱい撮れました☆

xxx Maiko

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