14 Mar 2013

Portrait work "Little Kai and Mama Emiko"

A long-time friend has asked me to draw a portrait of her little son. So I visited them a couple of days ago and did my first study. He was an absolutely adorable, clever 3 year old. Totally fell in love with the little boy! Can't wait to meet them again!

And I did meet them again soon after, and during the second visit I drew the papa and the son.
Aaaand this is the final finished portrait of the boy.
Thank you again for such a fun commission! :)

息子ちゃんの似顔絵を描いてほしい!とのご依頼を長年の友人からいただきデッサンに行ってきました〜。息子ちゃんがかわいくて、賢くて、メロメロになりました。 早くまた会いたいな☆

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xxx Maiko

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