24 Apr 2013

Wedding Welcome Board! ウェルカム絵画 Hiromi & Nobuto

(English at the end of the post.)
acrylic on canvas 388mm x 450mm




ご本人からも「ヒロミの道とノブトの道がクロスしてシマシマになってたり、 愛犬がバッチリいたり、 桜の妖精も、なにもかもほんとに素晴らしいアイデア‼車がきっかけだから、車のモチーフもすごく嬉しかったし、お天気悪かったから、 青空と桜の絵がとっても会場を明るくしてくれて、 長くなったけど一言で言うと、超超超気に入った‼\(^o^)/ 惚れ惚れしながら眺めてます。」



So here is the wedding "welcome board" (- an artwork to be displayed at the banquet's reception to welcome the guests with) I had been working on till last week!

They wanted a painting that is flowery and springlike with fairies and her dog included somewhere; she also wanted the overall feel to match a Japanese atmosphere, because they were having a Japanese style banquet. All the rest was up to me.
I decided to include a car as the main motif, as it is a key element of their first romantic memory. And I thought - might as well make it their dream car - which she said was a classic convertible. So, I chose a sporty but classic Ferrari convertible, because I think it suits their lively personalities. (well, her lively personality, actually, because I don't know her husband in person, but he seems a very smiley person too! :)
Deciding on the motif depicting "spring", "flowers", and "Japanese" wasn't difficult - What else but sakura!

So then, put all those keywords together and out appeared an image of their paths joining into one, along which they drive to an ever lasting happiness, while being blessed by sakura fairies. :)

Happy wedding to Hiromi and Nobuto!

xxx Maiko

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