20 May 2013

Wedding Painting for Mami & Tamon ウェディングウェルカムボード まみ&たもん


Here is my latest painting! Wedding "welcome board" - no.2 this year! (English description at the end of the post.)

acrylic on canvas 380mm x 455

・新緑・花・青空・春などナチュラル感 動物、新婦の愛犬(私の描く動物が好き、との事でした^^)
・ナチュラルで柔らかい雰囲気 で、後はお任せいただきました。



♡ 壮大な教会の前で天使、動物達、そして天使になった愛犬に祝福されるお二人 ♡



拡大写真 close-up shots:
a quick time-lapse:

ラフスケッチ rough-sketches and study drawing:
SO, for those who are thinking "what is Wedding welcome board?!" - It is a typical Japanese wedding item, which is displayed at the banquet's reception to welcome the guests with.

The keywords I was given by the couple were gratitude; heart-warming; natural imagery such as sky, flowers, greens; animals and Jacky -- bride's beloved but deceased pet dog; a soft atmosphere. The rest was up to me.

The bride is always smiley, reliable, and attentive - a wonderfully lovely person and friend. (We have been friends since junior school;  the groom, although I've met him in person only once, from the many stories I've heard of him, is also a lovely man, who is sociable and forward-thinking, while always remembering to dream big. She understands his ambitious visions, and they move forward together towards a bright future, with her occasional adjusting of directions to somewhat more achievable goals; that's my impression of the couple. ^^

 So in the painting I wanted to include the following elements:
- angels, animals, greens and flowers
- a magnificent overall impression to portray his ambitiousness and her welcoming and nonjudgemental heart
 - use a church as a motif (she is a churchgoer and their wedding was held at a church as well)
- they have been together for many years now and shared many memories, so I wanted to include various episodes of their relationship in the imagery.

The final image I came up with was...
 of the two being celebrated by angels, her dog-turned-angel, and animals in front of a church, with the couple's memories incorporated into the building's facade:

- The animals are simply favourite animals of the bride.
- The two raccoon statues on the left and right side of the second floor are speaking to each other on the phone, portraying the couple's long-distance relationship;
- The middle relief in between the raccoons are of cycling lambs, because renting bikes and cycling around town was/is one of their favourite outings;
- The painting above the entrance door, is of a peacock couple kissing in front of Tokyo Tower (Christmas illumination), because he presented her with their engagement ring at a park in front of Tokyo Tower on Christmas evening; (Oh, how sweet...!)
- Their names became the pillars of the front stone rails, because I prefer to merge texts into a painting rather than have them floating above a painting. (I don't want a painting to become like a poster or a design.)
- Her dress and his suits are what they actually wore on the day as well. :)

A big congratulations, dear Mami and Tamon. Wishing you a wonderful life together! ;)
And thank you for allowing my painting to decorate your special day. xxxx

xxx Maiko

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14 May 2013

Cellist and Bassist

Live sketches I did while at my musician friends' gig last month! :)

xxx Maiko

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