2 Feb 2014

Family Portrait "Emmy"

Emmy, an adorable baby girl with beautiful inquisitive eyes, and her parents!

I was asked to create this portrait as a surprise X'mas gift from the mum to the dad.
It's nice to get my work be included into such a special occasion! :)

It was a bit of a worry whether I'd capture the baby's features well or not, because I've never met the baby in person (we are in different countries!). But according to the mum's friends' comments upon her showcasing it on her SNS, it seems I've done a good job! yay!

Completed in December 2013
watercolor and pencil 310mm x 410mm
Arches 300gsm watercolor paper

close-ups: portrait by maiko horita

Here's how it looks in a lovely pastel pink frame! Thank you for giving the work such a pretty home!
And finally, from a blank paper to the finished art in stop motion:

xxx Maiko

Find Maiko also at:  ok.iam  usamamanikki  Draw Me by Maiko

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