11 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day 母の日

Lots of love to my dear mama♡

roses by maiko horita
Wedgewood roses grown by mama :)
A4 pencil and colour pencil

xxx Maiko

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還暦お祝い似顔絵 Commissioned: a family portrait


Here's a family portrait commissioned as a surprise gift for the clients' parents' 60th birthday celebration!
The request was to make the drawing have a warm, happy feeling.


At the age of 60, the sexagenary cycle, consisting of 12 Animals, completes its one cycle. In Japan, this is interpreted as being symbolic of returning to one's birth state. The color red in Japanese is "Aka", and babies are called "Aka-chan". So, Japan's customary way of 60th birthday celebration is  to wear a red vest (and hat).
Personally I find that style a little too old-school and un-fancy... so whenever I receive a commission for
this occasion, I choose to simply add red to the models' attire in the artwork.


For this type of "surprise" projects for which I am unable to meet all the models requested to be depicted, I ask my client to submit many photos (the more the better) showing the subjects in different angles, expressions, and different lightings.  The more variety I have to study with, the better I could understand them and hopefully create a convincing portrait.

Acrylic on  290gsm Canson Figueras paper 325mm x 200mm  2014.April

xxx Maiko

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10 May 2014

Wedding Art: Happy Wedding Eriko &Tatsuya!


My 7th Wedding Painting!
Congratulations on the wedding, Eriko and Tatsuya! Wishing you all the best for the future!

二人の思い出の地である「北海道函館の八幡坂を新郎新婦が手を繋きながら歩き、坂の先には青い海と空が見えていて、坂の脇は春らしい木々や花で囲まれている」 というリクエストをいただいた作品です。

The basic composition was quickly decided, because the motif requested was of a hill in Hakodate (Hokkaido) and an image of "the couple walking hand in hand along the hill, surrounded by spring trees and flowers, facing the blue bay and sky".


I tried capturing the hill's essence through its bay view, the characteristic lamp posts and stone pavements. And then I added people and children in celebratory mood gathering ahead of the couple.


I wanted to depict a future for the couple that is filled with joy, smile, and genuine friendship.

感動していただけたかどうかって、言葉とかそういう以上に、心で伝わってくるんですよね。 こんなに喜んでいただけて本当に嬉しいです。描いてよかった(涙)。

And I am proud to say… they totally loved it! Yay!

Acrylic on canvas 455mm x 380mm 
A sunlit hill filled with joy. :)

ラフ画 rough sketch:

クローズアップ写真 close-ups:
Groom's university's chapel from the U.S. was relocated upon the groom's request. ;)

Dom perignon bottle (requested) - an item reminiscent of their proposal evening. 
I made it into a massive sculpture (probably an inflatable one), with which bridesmaids are taking a photo. :)
 And the tent behind is probably a dom perignon bar. :)

Another tent is full of pretty cakes and sweets! The girl on the left is admiring the bride and groom.

And an ice cream van! 

Everone's dolled up for the special occasion!

The left walkway's chequered flooring is inspired by the bride's university's hallway design.

And did you notice? 
Fish came up a lot in their episode of marriage proposal and made their story unique, so I wanted to include them somehow…and this was my solution. ;)

その他クローズアップ写真 other close-up shots:
From a white canvas to a painting:

(A bit dizzy after all the blinking images…! 目がチカチカしますね。*o*)

xxx Maiko

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