11 May 2014

還暦お祝い似顔絵 Commissioned: a family portrait


Here's a family portrait commissioned as a surprise gift for the clients' parents' 60th birthday celebration!
The request was to make the drawing have a warm, happy feeling.


At the age of 60, the sexagenary cycle, consisting of 12 Animals, completes its one cycle. In Japan, this is interpreted as being symbolic of returning to one's birth state. The color red in Japanese is "Aka", and babies are called "Aka-chan". So, Japan's customary way of 60th birthday celebration is  to wear a red vest (and hat).
Personally I find that style a little too old-school and un-fancy... so whenever I receive a commission for
this occasion, I choose to simply add red to the models' attire in the artwork.


For this type of "surprise" projects for which I am unable to meet all the models requested to be depicted, I ask my client to submit many photos (the more the better) showing the subjects in different angles, expressions, and different lightings.  The more variety I have to study with, the better I could understand them and hopefully create a convincing portrait.

Acrylic on  290gsm Canson Figueras paper 325mm x 200mm  2014.April

xxx Maiko

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