24 Sep 2015

baby, baby, baby, baby! :D

Nowadays, many of my friends have debuted as mothers. The other day I got to meet four babies all at once, three of whom I was meeting for the first time. As an artist who prides herself in being good at croquis and portraits/ figure drawings, I saw it my task to draw them all. :)


"Baby Conference"
A4, pencil and watercolour

"In Mother's Loving Arms"
A4, pencil and watercolour

"Sorry Papa, Mama's In Love With A New Man!"
A4, pencil and watercolour

"Little Missy Is Ready To Explore!"
A4, pencil and watercolour

"One Sheep, Zzz…"
A4, pencil and watercolour

And here is how I drew them! Thanks to my friends for taking these photos ;)

xxx Maiko

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