16 Sep 2015

David Garrett (^-^)

I recently found David Garrett through his movie The Devil's Violinist, and have since become a massive fan of him. He is a world famous virtuoso violinist, whose music your ears will love, whose beautiful face and physical perfection your eyes will love, and whose charisma and professionalism your heart will be inspired by.
Thanks to DG team's generosity to allow the existence of high quality concert footage etc. on Youtube, I've been able to virtually enjoy his performances on repeat. :D  And I've been drawing him lots while watching these clips. Below two are my best ones so far!

watercolour and pencil, A4


 Ideally, the audio for this clip would be his version of "The Flight of The Bumble Bee". (This is a good one (the video quality isn't but).)  :D

watercolour and pencil, within A5

Time-lapse movie. There was a fair bit of fixing, especially the face, which I didn't film, but anyhow, just so that you can see how the drawing starts! Hope you enjoy watching:

xxx Maiko

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