7 Mar 2016

2-day-old Tyler

2-day-old baby! So tiny and cute; although, realising that this tiny baby was actually inside the mother's tummy until only 48 hours ago makes him look quite big!
What a miracle pregnancy and childbirth is!

Grow well, dear baby, and I look forward to drawing you again soon. :)

生後2日目の赤ちゃんに会ってきたよ♡ ちっこーい!って言いながらも、でもこの子が数日前までお母さんのお腹の中にいたのか、、、って思うと十分おっきいね!!と思う、妊娠の神秘。



I remember feeling so amazed when I met a 7-day-old baby several years ago, and a few years after that I met a 4-day-old baby. Now that I've met a 2-day-old, the next thing left for me to do is to actually witness someone's childbirth!? haha….

xxx Maiko

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